Hong Kong police to upgrade to Chinese firearms in decade-long transition

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10th July 2024 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Police Force is set to phase out its iconic Smith & Wesson M10 revolvers, popularly known as the “.38” revolvers, over the next ten years. These revolvers will be replaced by the more modern Chinese-made pistol, in a move reflecting both technological advancement and geopolitical influences.

The Smith & Wesson M10, a mainstay in law enforcement for decades, has seen its production cease, prompting the need for an updated alternative. The new Chinese handguns are designed with several enhancements suited to modern policing needs. They feature a 9mm caliber that increases the bullet capacity to 15 rounds, significantly more than the six rounds of the old revolvers. Moreover, these semi-automatic pistols allow for quicker reloading, a critical factor in law enforcement operations.

Training and implementation for the use of these new firearms will be rolled out in stages, beginning with cadet officers, active-duty mobile forces, and criminal investigation detectives. The comprehensive training program ensures that each officer is proficient with the new equipment, striving for a seamless transition.

The selected Chinese handguns are tailored to better fit the hand size and grip preferences commonly found in Asian populations. They also include safety enhancements, such as a safety catch that must be disengaged before firing, adding an extra layer of security in handling.

One of the significant technical upgrades is the use of engineering plastics in the gun’s design, which contributes to a lighter and more shock-absorbent weapon. This design is beneficial for reducing fatigue during extended use and improving overall handling. Additionally, the firearms are equipped with luminous sights to aid in low-light conditions, enhancing accuracy and confidence in night operations.

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