Intensive manhunt in London for Kyle Clifford after three women fatally attacked

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10th July 2024 – (London) Armed officers conducted a thorough search of a residence on Rendlesham Road, Enfield, as the hunt for 26-year-old Kyle Clifford intensifies. Neighbours reported significant police activity early Wednesday near Gordon Hill railway station, including a temporary cordon and ongoing surveillance.

The operation, which unfolded rapidly according to local residents, involved officers entering and exiting the property with weaponry, while the area remained sealed off for several hours. Helicopters were also reported circling overhead throughout the day, adding to the urgency of the manhunt.

One local, preferring anonymity, expressed surprise, noting, “They kept going in and out of the property carrying guns, the whole road was taped off. It was over quite quickly, but there’s been helicopters flying around the area all day. I don’t recognise the suspect at all, as far as I’m concerned he didn’t live in the house.”

The search for Clifford, suspected in connection with a tragic incident in Bushey, Hertfordshire, where three women were fatally injured, has escalated. The victims, identified as Carol Hunt, 61, and her two daughters, aged 28 and 25, were found deceased at their home on Tuesday evening. Authorities believe the attack was targeted, with Clifford potentially armed and dangerous.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden, who has been briefed on the situation, expressed deep concern and commitment to supporting the community despite the recent boundary reassignment of his constituency.

Chief Superintendent Jon Simpson of Hertfordshire Police emphasized the operation’s priority at a press briefing, urging Clifford to surrender peacefully. Extensive resources, including armed police and specialist search teams, have been deployed across North London and Hertfordshire as the investigation continues.

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