Netizens mistakenly critique portion size of fried rice at Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s Chinese Restaurant Man Wah

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21st September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Chinese restaurant, Man Wah, located at 25/F, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, 5 Connaught Road Central is well-known for its visually stunning and delicious dishes. Recently, a member of the online local food group shared their experience of enjoying the “Crab Meat and Kam Wah Fried Rice” at Man Wah. The person praised the dish, highlighting its flavourful taste and the distinctness of each grain of rice, even going as far as suggesting it could be the world’s best fried rice.

However, upon seeing the post, many netizens expressed their disappointment with the portion size of the fried rice. They claimed that it was meagre, not even filling up a single bowl, and compared it unfavourably to the portion one would feed to a bird. Some even joked that the dish was so small that it could be finished in just three bites.

On the other hand, there were netizens who held a different opinion. They argued that the restaurant prides itself on serving high-quality dishes, and a smaller portion does not necessarily mean it lacks flavor. They pointed out that dishes commonly found in luxury hotels, such as large prawns, Wagyu beef, or abalone, often come in smaller portions, yet they are still appreciated and enjoyed by many patrons.

As the original post did not mention the price of the fried rice, some netizens took it upon themselves to search for the price online, curious about the cost of this “bird-feeding fried rice.” To their surprise, they came across a price tag of HK$1,888 associated with the dish, leading them to accuse the restaurant of overcharging and questioning its value. Some even sarcastically commented, “The wealthy have a different perspective. They can feel satisfied with such a small amount of food, broadening the horizons of ordinary people.” However, it turns out that this was a misunderstanding among netizens.

The original poster clarified that the HK$1,888 price tag was for a set menu, not solely for a bowl of fried rice. The fried rice is part of the HK$ 1,888 “Man Wah Dinner Set Menu,” which includes other dishes such as abalone, lobster, and desserts. The fried rice, in this context, is merely one component of the set menu and not intended to be the main attraction on the table.

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