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Pack Lighter Go Further is a travel blog by Sagar Rana. This blog was launched by him on June 18, 2020. He will be sharing his travel experiences and tips for travel enthusiasts like you all. The blog will contain articles on each and every aspect of travel ideas tips and guides. He will be also posting his YouTube videos on this blog. His videos especially contain cinematic travel videos but as we came in contact with him and talked to him we got to know that he will be doing the travel guides and tips videos also. Sagar also loves to create tutorial videos, he mostly makes a tutorial on how to edit and create videos in Adobe Premiere Pro & Adobe After Effects.

Pack Lighter Go Further

He always wanted to travel and explore the world and to fulfill this dream he is planning and starting to travel. He said one should not stop dreaming his/her dream because of any financial or any other problems. He says just flow your dreams and start taking the baby steps towards your dreams. These baby steps will turn big one day and will lead you towards your goal your dreams. He is starting his baby steps towards his goals and dreams.  

Even though he is not perfect in writing the blogs he says he is trying hard and keeps learning while doing so. We hope he will get success in his dreams and goals and we wish him good luck for that.

Pack Lighter Go Further aka PLGF is dedicated to travelers and backpackers around the globe. PLGF has also partnered with the travel authority website to provide you with cheap flight tickets, hotel rooms, and travel packages. PLGF is also planning to launch PLGF merchandise on his website and other third party websites. We hope we will see all those merchs soon. Pack Lighter Go Further is a Nepali blog but the content is available in English only. 

Sagar Rana author of Pack Lighter Go Further Says he is looking forward to the support of Nepalese audiences. Even though he lives in Hong Kong he loves his country Nepal very much. He wants to explore all Nepal one day and show the world how beautiful is Nepal. These days he is busy writing his blogs and updating the content on PLGF

He started traveling since 2011 when was in New Delhi, India for his higher educations. His first major travel was to Goa, India. I hope we will see blogs and posts about Goa on his blog. We wish him good luck for his website.

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