Nepal Government Official App “Nagarik App”

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Nagarik app

Nepal government has launched a mobile application Nagarilc App (beta version) to facilitate public service delivery speedy and effective.For Now in beta version you can take out instant PAN Card.

Currently, the app is available in its beta version. “It will soon be available with additional features integrating all government services in a single app,” said Minister Gurung Minister for Communication and Information Technology during the program. According to him, the citizens will be provided services online but not in queues. He also added that the app will help citizens integrate their essential government documents into their mobile phones. One can get services online round the clock and even on public holidays. The government has claimed that it is one of the national pride projects under the Digital Nepal Framework.

App Link:

Some Screenshots of Nagarik App

Nagarik AppNagarik appNagarik app

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