Sony Finally Enters In The Drone Industry With Airpeak

2 weeks ago 15
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From the very long time there was a rumor of Sony getting into drone business and finally today at CES 2021 Sony revealed its Airpeak Drone. It is believed to be the smallest drone which can carry a alpha cameras.

Features and Specifications

As of now, most of its technical features has not be revealed.

Although we can see by seeing the images and videos that it is a quadcopter and is capable of carrying the Sony’s alpha series cameras. Airpeak has two landing extensions which retract when taking off.

Sony Airpeak

Will it be the perfect time for Sony to launch this drone. US ban on DJI will be a great opportunity for Sony to launch its drone in the market.

Sony Airpeak Launch Date

Sony announced about the Airpeak in the late 2020 and is planning to launch the Airpeak by the spring of 2021.

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